(Brown County is currently one of the only counties that does not have reverse 911 (also known as Code Red).   In summary, this is a very sophisticated communication system that allows public safety to alert the public in many forms.  It literally saves lives in a tragic event.  Example:  Imagine that there is a school shooter inside a building and you are not aware of this and allow your child to exit the car and go inside the building.  Code Red will provide immediate public notification and save lives in the process!

STABILITY of Emergency Management, IT and Law Enforcement Professionals:
All three of these important positions are the front-line in protecting citizens. The experts encourage that these positions have stability and avoid turnover. Most of these positions encounter an approximate three year period of time to properly train them. Brown County Emergency Management and IT experience frequent turnover, which is not an efficient use of money and resources.  Turn-over in these three areas is literally dangerous to public protection and falls outside of the best practice model for citizen protection.

This is a very key part of protecting the citizens and is not happening very well at this point in time. The county really needs to strive to work closely with all citizens. This includes consulting with the city level of government during capital improvement projects and mandates that affect the citizens. Working together is important for everyone’s safety and saves money! The City of New Ulm makes up approximately half of the population of Brown County. Ci