Veteran Support

I am a proud veteran and as a county commissioner, I am committed to make veterans and their families a top priority. I served in both, the United States Army and the Minnesota National Guard.   Throughout my military career, I had the opportunity of serving on several military bases and experience foreign duty stations. Also, I served in a federal deployment overseas during Operation Enduring Freedom. I have first-hand experience that military service is not only a challenge for the soldier, but also their family that is left behind.

I want to do everything reasonably possible to assist our veterans. As an active member of veteran service organizations, I proudly continue to serve. We have been a nation that has been at war for many years. As a community, it is important that we support our community members that are away serving this great nation.  It is equally as important that we provide support for the service members’ families that are left behind.

As a community, we need to work together to help these men and women that have agreed to protect us, many paying high prices for our freedom. The veterans are often suffering the consequences of their military service long after the formal military service has been completed. I am sincerely proud and honored to serve veterans and their families.

Some of the veteran service organizations that I serve with include:

Dave Borchert - New Ulm Veterans

Meeting with Sean and Becky Kelly regarding a Veteran service event, recognizing high suicide rates of veterans.

Emergency Management

My experience includes real world experience as a police commander and emergency management director.  We are living in a dangerous era. Weather extremes &  domestic terrorism are real world threats that can directly affect Brown County. I am proud of my background and sincerely believe that it gives Brown County a huge advantage in protecting ourselves and providing a high quality of life for our families.

I have 22 years of law enforcement experience.  Also, I have been a City of New Ulm  Emergency Management Director for several years.  I have been trained by and worked with both Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the State of Minnesota’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM). This training, experience and related certifications are important in keeping the citizens of Brown County safe.

I sincerely believe that as a resident of Brown County, I am not only protecting our citizens, but I am also protecting my family. I have first-hand experience in securing flood protection for the residents of New Ulm.  I have experience with federal disasters and have been successful in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for the citizens of New Ulm. This experience literally protects New Ulm residents and pays huge dividends in providing a high quality of life standard.  As a commissioner, I can apply this experience to planning and preparing for real world challenges.

Dave Borchert - Homeland Secuirty

Dave receiving his Emergency Management Certification from Director Joseph Kelly

Dave Borchert with (from right to left) US Senator Amy Klobuchar, US Representative and MN Governor Candidate Tim Walz, and MN Senator Gary Dahms, assessing the June/July 2018 flood damage involving the Cottonwood and Minnesota Rivers’ impact to New Ulm.